Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pacifier Gone!

Finally! Oh my gosh that took forever. Seriously no back patting happening here. I just looked for the first post about taking Chloe's pacifier away. It was...February! Oh my gosh. I am such a coward.

Chloe had another trip to the dentist. And I say "trip to the dentist" versus "cleaning" because she wasn't about to let them get anywhere near her mouth with that buzzing stick of doom. It ended up being an "oral exam" that included lots of crying and wrestling. Oh that Chloe. Anyway, the dentist was not impressed with the fact that she still has a pacifier and told me that we are doing orthodontic damage to her mouth and are changing the shape of her face by letting this continue.

I knew this was coming. In fact, I tried to take her pacifier away from her just a few days prior to the visit. But it was ill-planned, on her birthday, and Dave said I was just being mean. What? An excuse? I took it and handed the pacifier to her with great relief.

But after being properly chastised by the dentist I came home and took the pacifiers away. I could have waited a few more days because it was Labor Day Weekend and we were heading out for a camping trip the next day but I decided there would always be an excuse, a four day weekend was too perfect an opportunity to let pass, and hoped that she'd be so exhausted from camping that she'd just pass out. I told Chloe that "You're a big girl now and don't need a pacifier anymore. We need to give your pacifiers to the babies who need them." This wasn't news to her. We'd been discussing it for several days. She agreed and got into bed.  Then immediately began crying, "No Mommy! The babies don't want my pacifier! I want my pacifier!" She refused to get back in bed and cried herself to sleep on the floor. That was slightly painful but she actually fell asleep faster than she had been sooo...

This was two and a half weeks ago. She cried once or twice more and asked for it a few times but, for the most part, it wasn't nearly as dreadful as I expected. Chloe is now pacifier free and her mouth and face can begin to grow into it's proper shape.

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The Hillbergs said...

Whoo-hoo!!! Great job!!! We just went PF (pacifier-free) about 2 weeks ago. We were a lot quicker about it with Shannon than we were with the other 2. Of course - there are so many times now that I wish I could plug her up with a when she wakes up...she's up...I used to be able to buy another 20 minutes by find a pacifier for her!! oh well --