Friday, August 31, 2012

That's What Solana Said - August

Solana, I saw your principal yesterday and she told me, "You must be Solana's Mom! She looks just like you!"
-Really?  What else did she say?
She said that we have similar glasses.
-What else?
She said that she loves having you at her school.
-Yes! That makes me so happy I could just throw this pile of shirts you're folding.
Please don't. So you know your principal? Do you ever talk to her?
-In the bathroom.
In the bathroom? Why do you talk to her in the bathroom?
-Because she was going to the bathroom and I was going to the bathroom at the same time.

Of course. Doesn't every kid talk to their principal no matter where they may be?

For some reason, I asked Solana to help me clean the kitchen. She never does this but she found herself helping one day recently. All she did was scrape the compostable food into a bowl and bring all the dirty dishes from the table and counter to the sink. After finishing her task she exclaimed, "Whew! I'm tired Mommy! I can't believe you do this every day!" I giggled to myself knowing that I wouldn't be doing it every day for too much longer.
Upon examining her new school backpack: "It's so huge! There are zippers and zippers! I could fit a whole cake in there!"

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