Friday, August 24, 2012

Preschool Going Well

4 Signs Preschool is going well:

1. I went to the school to train the nurses on contact removal in case of emergency. Everyone was falling all over themselves over how adorable Chloe is. Her teacher stayed to watch the training. At the end she said goodbye to Chloe. Nose to nose and in that quiet low pitched voice one uses to talk to a baby she says, "I will see YOU tomorrow." Chloe leans in for a kiss and her teacher kissed her back. Chloe doesn't do that to everyone. Obvious adoration from both sides.

2. I dropped off cupcakes for Chloe's birthday and had a chance to observe Chloe with a couple of other children from her class. Her teacher explained that these two girls are older (almost 5) and have self-appointed themselves Chloe guardians. They were helping her put her backpack in her locker and advising her on what to do next. They were hovering like little big sisters and obviously felt a sense of responsibility for Chloe. Her teacher said she wanted to work on teaching them "buddy" skills so they can help keep an eye out for her on the playground and when walking in line, etc. Chloe was eating up their attentions.

3. Teacher pulled out a series of four photos she had mounted on a poster board and described them to me.
Photo A. Chloe playing blocks with a little boy who happens to be wearing binoculars. (Teacher explains that Chloe hinted to the little boy that she wanted the binoculars.)
Photo B. The little boy has taken the binoculars from around his neck and is helping Chloe put them on.
Photo C. As Chloe wears the binoculars the little boy holds them up to his eyes demonstrating to her how to use them.
Photo D. Chloe is looking through the binoculars but instead of looking up and out she has them pointed down toward the ground. The little boy has squatted low so that she could see him and he's smiling and waving into the binoculars.
My heart melted as the teacher explained the series of photos to me. She said that when she noticed them playing together she just got a feeling that she should grab her camera. Apparently, all the kids want to help Chloe. It could be her small size. I'm not sure but it's awesome.

4. There is an aide on the bus who buckles Chloe into her seat and monitors her and the other kids during the bus ride. In the afternoon it's a sweet little old man. On day 2 (after the bus driver, a 50ish woman, said, "Can we keep her?!?! She's adorable!") the aide said proudly, "She already knows our names!" On day 3 Chloe was exiting the bus and yelled, "Bye Mr. Brown!" He answered, "Bye Chloe! I love you!"

That little girls has the whole school wrapped around her finger in less than a week! She is somethin' else! I think she's handling the stress of a new situation pretty well. Why was I ever worried?


Anonymous said...

I just got chills reading this. So, so sweet. What an amazing little girl. D doesn't start school until the week after Labor Day.

Troy and Emily Williams said...

That little girl is going to take the world by storm! It appears she has already conquered Pre-K!

So lovely that other children have taken to Chloe and are protective of her. Everyone wants to be a part of Chloe's world and keep her safe. Such hope for the future!

The Hillbergs said...

Mommies always worry! Its out job!! Glad that Chloe showed you that you should be sitting home eating bon bons instead of worrying that she'd be overwhelmed and lonely at school! Glad everyone loves her!!! Its her spirit!!

Grammy said...

Soo happy to hear such a wonderful report. Indeed, she is an amazing little girl!

Grammy said...
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Grammy said...
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