Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I'm so behind on the blog I don't know how I'll ever be able to document this summer! We've been so busy there's a lot to blog about!  Ahhh!

I think I will remember this as the summer Solana became a reading addict. Dave reads a lot and I try really hard to read a lot but usually only get 10-20 minutes in at night before I pass out.

She finished the fairy books and then moved on to Goddess Girls books. They're little kid novels about Greek Gods and Goddesses when they were in High School. My sister-in-law sent them and we put them aside thinking Solana wasn't old enough but she found them and, practically before we knew it, she read them all. After those she found a series called Pony Pals and became enamored with the idea of owning a horse. The speed with which this little girl reads these books is astounding. I often question her about them and she'll relate to me the entire story line, characters, and small anecdotes from the book in such detail that I can't doubt that she's reading and comprehending.

She finished the 38 book Pony Pal series in about 3 weeks and was disappointed when we went to the library and she couldn't find anymore. She pulled a book off the shelf and reviewed the list of books in the series insisting that she hadn't read them all so I suggested we check the catalog for the books she hadn't read. She listed six books I was impressed but not surprised to see that those books weren't carried by the library. It's an older book so I'm guessing those were lost and couldn't be replaced. I went to the reference desk to ask about inter-library loans and left Solana searching for a new series. When I returned I found her surrounded by a mountain a books! No kidding. She'd picked out 3 new series all having to do with horses and pulled every book from them she could find. LOL! I made her leave the Heartland series behind. I think it had boyfriend and girlfriend stuff in them. But I let her check out two others. She's insane and I'm a sucker for a reader.

This may seem ridiculous but I won't put it past her to finish them all before they're all due. She's so excited :-)


The Hillbergs said...

That is so awesome!!!! I wish I had more time for reading like when I was younger. Have you thought about the babysitter's club series? or how about Nancy Drew? Ugh - not Sweet Valley High though! :)

Holbergs said...

She is too funny! Her teachers are going to LOVE her!!

Mommy bought Mia one of the fairy books and I let her start it one night. About 40 minutes later, she came downstairs- the entire chapter book was finished! It's in the genes, obviously... but not mine! Ha!