Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Motorcycle Ride with Daddy!

Dave's had his motorcycle since the end of March and finally decided he was ready for passengers. He went for his motorcycle test and got his official license! 

After a lot of research and online shopping he chose helmets for Solana and me. He wasn't satisfied with the first helmets so he returned them and got new ones. Solana's arrived first. I was a little shocked to finally actually see her on his bike. Dave's pretty neurotic when it comes to the safety of the girls. I suspect that anyone who knows Dave might be surprised to see Solana on the back of his motorcycle. But I know he's crazy careful with her and probably won't venture much farther than our neighborhood and its 25mph speed limit for a while. Plus, I doubt she'll be going on the back of anyone else's motorcycle any time soon!

Solana declared her maiden voyage to be the "best thing ever!" I can't wait for mine. My helmet should be here in a few days or so... We might hire Lia, our babysitter, just so we can go ride around!


Anonymous said...

That is very cute. I have a photo at about the same age on the back of my dad's motorcycle. It's very 80's, I am wearing a jumpsuit. ;-)

Holbergs said...

You are so right! I couldn't believe Dave had her on his bike! I was sure it was just for a picture op- until I saw the helmet and realized she was going to actually be on it while it was moving!!! Mommy and Daddy's facebook post about this pic is accurate- OMG!!!

Anonymous said...

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