Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Visit from the Holbergs

My sister's husband, Jeremy, just took a new job after several years with the same company. With a week off in between jobs they decided to visit us! The guys told us about this idea when we were in Texas this Summer. They expected Leticia and I to jump for joy but we both sat there skeptical. We finally jumped for joy when they actually bought tickets and arrived. Our nephew, Ross, stayed home with Jeremy's mom. At just over a year he consumes a lot of attention so they decided to leave him behind and lavish some much needed attention on Mia and Graham. It was a whirlwind trip but I think they enjoyed it and hope they plan on returning for another visit some time.

They arrived after noon and we quickly headed outside to enjoy the beautiful Fall Ohio weather. Leticia said it was still in the 90's in Houston. 

 That same evening we had Lia, our awesome babysitter, come over as we headed out for a fancy dinner. Wine, steak, and grownups only. A double-date with the Holbergs is always fun!

The day started slowly with the guys watching lots of football and the kids entertaining themselves at home. Leticia and I headed out for a 6-mile run at Sugarcreek. The trails were GORGEOUS with all the fall colors. We ran it pretty slowly but I can hardly complain. It was Leticia's first run since February!!! Wow! Later in the afternoon we went to the corn maze in Bellbrook. There was an incident where the kids started fighting over some funky accordion tube thing that they found on the ground. Kids are so weird sometimes. Jeremy sneakily trashed it and the rest of the outing was great. They loved the corn maze! It was set up like a mystery and they had to find clue boxes all around the maze to solve the mystery. Dave and I wimped out halfway through and took Chloe to the playground but Leticia and Jeremy finished the maze with the kids. They were thrilled to solve the mystery.

The guys played golf while we took the kids to breakfast at the Blueberry Cafe. Right before we left the muffin man arrived with his gourmet muffins. The kids were really excited to meet the Muffin Man. Graham even sang the song to him twice and changed the end of the song the second time. "...who lives in O-Hi-O!" The Muffin Man bopped back and forth to the song. So much fun. We left with a half dozen giant muffins even though we were completely stuffed.

 After breakfast we went to the Piercing Pagoda where Solana claimed her second behavior chart reward. She actually earned it a good week or so before but wanted Mia to hold her hand so she waited. It took forever to pick the earrings but she finally picked the flower with amethyst. Mia has similar earrings.

Such a big girl!

That evening during Solana's ballet class I got a new tattoo :-) It fits perfectly under my wedding ring and now I don't feel guilty every time I forget my wedding ring. Which is...often. Dave was shocked but I think he likes it.

We fueled up on muffins and then visited the Air Force museum on the way to the airport. We had about 3 hours to spend and the kids lasted two. That place in huge. Funniest comments of the day: Jeremy - "I think I was expecting 4 planes or something..." Leticia - while in the 3rd hangar we saw the bay doors opening "Are we in a hangar?!?" Hehe. Jeremy wants to come back and spend a full day there. The AF Museum is pretty awesome. We've been there a few times and I feel like I've barely seen the tip of the iceberg.

After a quick lunch at Pizza Hut we dropped the Holbergs off at the airport. We didn't even have a chance to miss them before our next visitors arrived. In fact, they arrived just as we drove away from the airport. So we headed to Xenia where they awaited our arrival!

To be continued...

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