Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eye Pressure Down After a Month

It seems Satan's Tears are working. After one month of Cosopt drops the pressure in Chloe's left eye is down. During her in-office check-up today her doctor didn't think she'd be cooperative enough to get an accurate reading with the little pen thingy and felt comfortable by pressing on her eyes with his thumbs. He said her eyes "felt" good. Not that I have any reason to doubt the man. He IS a pediatric opthamologist at Children's and has experience with these cases but I went ahead and insisted on getting a pressure check with the little pen thingy that they would use to touch the front of her eye.

I knew it wouldn't be pleasant and he warned that the reading might not be very accurate if she's fighting and trying to squeeze her eyes shut but I really wanted to give it a shot. I'd been waiting a month for this reading and really wanted the reassurance. First they gave her drops to numb her eyes and then touched the front of her eyeballs. It didn't go great. She cried and fought. I assured her it wouldn't hurt and tried bribing her with the promise of granola bars at home if she didn't cry. Bribery didn't work. She cried and fought and then requested her granola bar after. Fortunately, they were able to get a decent reading. The pressure in her left eye was down from 30 to 19! Whew! This is an acceptable pressure and I'm very relieved! (Pressure at 30 leads to blindness. Pressure below 23 is acceptable.) The pressure in her right eye read 26 but that may have been because we did the right eye second and she was fighting even harder. Her right eye has not had a cataract and has no risk factor for glaucoma so we agreed that it was a false reading caused by her struggling. I was satisfied.

I also chatted with the doctor about getting a second opinion or "second set of eyes on her case," as I put it. He was very agreeable but warned that the doctors I suggested, one being his mentor who he thinks the world of (as he should because this guy is a world-renowned retinologist) and another being a younger doctor who's "growing on" him, are retinologists and not glaucoma specialists. He said there aren't any pediatric glaucoma specialists in the area but he does know a glaucoma specialist in Columbus who doesn't usually see kids but will in Chloe's case because they're friend/colleagues. I agreed to do one more in-office exam and then another EUA in 3-4 months. After that, and with more information gathered, we'll talk to the doctor in Columbus. I'm ok with that. But I'll probably call Chloe's retinologists in Cincinnatti and Detroit just to see if they have any other suggestions.

It's difficult to know what to do in a case like this. I wish he'd said, "Sure! There's a great pediatric glaucoma specialist an hour away in Cincinnatti. I'll refer you there so you can get in soon." But that wasn't meant to be. I don't have any reason to think he wasn't offering the best possible option. He seemed completely cooperative but hesitant to send us to someone who doesn't know as much as he. That's reasonable, right? Then why do I still feel like I need to do more?


catchupdaphne.com said...

I wish I could give you educated advice, but vision is not one of my areas of specialty ;-) I had to get a break somewhere! Anyway, all I can say is if you have a nagging feeling that you want to hear another opinion, go for it. Even if it's a one-time consultation and then you go back to your guy, newly empowered. xo

Holbergs said...

Well, considering the fact that you had to push for the pressure reading, you seem like your desire to "do more" is valid.

It never hurts to get a second opinion. You'll either leave feeling more confident of your current Dr, or proud of yourself for finding someone else you're even more comforatble with.

Just keep us posted! Love you!

The Hillbergs said...

I shall interpret for you all the things that were thought, but not said outloud:

Doc: (I've been seeing kids with this eye stuff for so long, I don't even need these new-fangled instruments to tell me what I can tell with my ultra-healing-thumbs. Plus, this kid is going to scream bloody murder and I might lose some of the customers waiting for new glasses...)

You: (Hey - I've been ramming liquid firedrops into my baby's eyeballs for a month now. If you think just pushing on my kid's eyeball with your (dirty?) thumb is going to do it - better think again old man. Get that pressure pen out - and do the test RIGHT. I need NUMBERS.)

Doc: (Oh fine - I'll use the new technology - but I'm telling you - I've done these before and the kid is going to scream. Yep, she's screaming, I'm a fortune reader AND an eye doctor. I should charge more.)

You: (Damn - my kid is screaming. But, no matter, I have my test results and YES numbers are down. Thus validating the past month of tortues. Chloe, I pray that someday you will thank me for this!!)

Doc: (See, now are we good, I have proven that I am always correct. What? You want a second set of eyes on her? hey, this lady is sort of funny, I like that. I think I'll use that pun and pretend I thought of it to impress my collegues.)

You: (that's right buddy. I'm a mom whose been doing medical stuff non-stop for the past 3 years. You think I'm going to let this go with just 'we're moving in the right direction'? I think not.)

Doc: (really? you can't just trust me? I just proved that my thumbs are amazing and that I know in advance exactly how your baby will react to that new-fangled pressure pen thingy. Okay...I am getting the sense that you will not leave here with your free sticker and lollypop. Well...let me see...)

You: (look - I've even done research - here are 2 names I came up with. What about them apples?)

Doc: (Let's meet in the middle. Trust me - I'm doing a good job. But, if you must double check...I suppose I understand. Though I do think I am amazing and never need a double check. I will give you the name of a collegue who owes me from our last poker night at the country club. But then, when he agrees with me, you owe me a Christmas card or something.)

I am an amature mind-reader. I'm not sure why I projected a snotty country-club going eye doctor - I bet he's really nice. But I have an artistic license and that made it funnier. For real though - continue listening to your gut - you are Chloe's best advocate and besides - I don't see anyone else volunteering to put liquid satan drops into her eyes - so if you want another opinion - do it!!

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Jennifer - that's by far the funniest (and probably longest) comment I've ever read on my blog. Hands down.

I guess you are a mind reader. I like Chloe's doctor and hate to think badly of him but there just may be some truth to what you said. I was suppressing exactly those thoughts and I guess I needed you to pull them out for me. I called the doctor in Michigan this morning and am waiting for a call back. We'll see what happens next. Thanks :-)

nachomama311 said...

I meant to tell you, I actually work in the optical industry and can tell you that as far as vision care goes, you are in a great place! Ohio State has one of the best Optometry schools in the country, so I'm sure you're bound to have plenty of really good doctors in your area!

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Thanks Berta!!! Chloe's doctor went to Ohio State. Good to hear :-)