Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

The girls, along with all of Centerville, participated in Beggar's Night last night. I'm not sure why but Centerville often schedules Beggar's Night, the night when all the kids go trick or treating, on a night other than Halloween. Weird. I'll have to ask about that some day. The girls were really excited and Chloe has been talking about "Halloween Day" for days. It was freezing cold and raining so Chloe had to stay home and help me pass out candy. Solana, Dave, and Monty bundled up and headed out. 

Before they headed out, though, we had a dinner which included some creepy bread sticks. I made these out of my healthy bread dough and they were so easy. I might make them again today for actual Halloween. 

Getting ready to head out. This year was by far the easiest costume preparation we've EVER had! I picked up Chloe's costume last year after Halloween at Kroger. I happened to notice all their Halloween stuff on a table at 75% off. I picked up two 'up to 24 month' costumes and hoped they'd still fit. At $4 a piece it wouldn't be horrible if they didn't. Fortunatley, Chloe's just now getting into 24 month clothing! I pulled it out of the closet, grabbed a red shirt, black pants, socks, and shoes. And voila! No shopping online, pouring over costume catalogs, trips to Michaels, JoAnn's, or Target. Best costume ever. Solana promised to create a challenge, though, when she announced that she wanted to be a horse for Halloween. She's still obsessed with horses. Remember her horse books? Her interest has not waned. I'm thinking of getting her horseback riding lessons for her birthday...  Anyway, Dave and I reacted hesitantly when she said she wanted to dress as a horse. "Hmmm. Well, maybe we can do it. We'll have to brainstorm how we can make a horse costume and get back to you on that one."  A day later Solana played at her friend's house next door and came back wearing a freakin' horse costume! What the...?  She announced that her friend, Maria, was going to let her borrow it for Halloween. How lucky are we! A couple of undershirts, jeans, socks, snow boots, gloves, and she was good to go. Easiest Halloween ever. I'll have to cherish this one because I don't think I'll luck out like this ever again.

Poor Chloe. She just can't seem to look at the camera, open her eyes, and smile simultaneously. They still look adorable. 

Bluebell and Chloe helped me greet Trick or Treaters. Here's Chloe waiting patiently and admiring her necklace. Dave gave her a little light-up pumpkin necklace and she talked about it non-stop (literally) for 15 minutes straight. And when I say "literally" I actually use it correctly. She didn't stop talking except to take a breath. I was asked if I liked it about 40 times. Seriously. Poor Solana. She took too long eating dinner and was trying to dress in a hurry to get going and there was Chloe talking her ear off about that necklace. I couldn't help but giggle and Solana trying to be patient as she tried to hurry with her ear being talked off. What's the saying? Taste of your own medicine...? hehehe


 Dave and Solana worked hard on the pumpkins this year. They spent two nights in the garage. Solana loved every minute of it. She adores special time with her Daddy.

This was Dave's - the free-style pumpkin. Solana said she suggested the teeth. 
 These two were from a book. Mine is the cat bat. Chloe's is the monster.
 Solana's is the vampire bunny. She drew it on paper and then Dave put it on the pumpkin. I thought she did a great job!

The beggars after a long hour+ in the freezing cold rain. Monty and Solana are both horses! Monty's jockey is hanging on for dear life!

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Holbergs said...

Super cute!!! I think it's funny you say "taste of your own medicine." I know you meant Solana, but I often wonder how you got such talkative children. You weren't exactly a chatterbox as a kid. Maybe you're just blessed with mini-Leticia mouths for the rest of your life! ha!!!!