Friday, October 5, 2012

Visit from the Goldsworthy's

In a strange turn of events both my sisters and their families visited in the same week! It was a very exciting week at the Hendrickson house, indeed. Just as we left Dayton International from dropping off the Holbergs we received a text that the Goldsworthy's arrived at the Xenia airport so we drove straight there to pick them up. 


Joe is a pilot for the Air Force and has his own plane so they get to fly themselves here. The good thing about owning a plane is that they can decide to fly any time. The bad thing is that the weather dictates if they can actually fly when they decide to do it. They were supposed to arrive on Monday and spend one day here with the Holbergs but they couldn't because of the weather. Fortunately, it cleared up enough the next day. Solana was really excited to see Uncle Joe's plane!

This day was horrible. The girls had to go to school and we planned on a visit to the pumpkin patch immediately after Solana got home. But this was the day Sera got really sick. We called the Vet and didn't hear back for a few hours. We finally decided to ditch the pumpkin patch until the next day because we needed to stay home for Sera. Valerie and Joe were very understanding and kept reassuring me that they were happy to relax but I felt bad that we all just stayed home all day. I was glad to have Valerie here when we put Sera to sleep, though. She's a crazy cat lover who once held our beloved Blue during his final moments and was a great support.

We had a very very late dinner of cheese fondue/comfort food.

Dave went back to work and the girls went to school. Valerie and Joe headed off to the AF Museum and I to the hospital for Chloe's new glasses and contacts. After school we drove to Young's Dairy and Dave met us there from work. This is one of my favorite places to visit with guests. The kids played and we pigged out on ice cream.

Solana helped Grant feed the goats. She's a pro and a good cousin.

Valerie is 35 weeks pregnant and looks great! Look at Solana in the background :)

Then we headed to the pumkin patch. Valerie had never seen a pumpkin patch. We had a pretty good selection because the official pumpkin patch grand opening wasn't until the following weekend. Dave found some good ones and Grant even found one to take back to Georgia.

Grant was determined to find a pumpkin. He ran all over the place and fell about 100 times.
I don't think Chloe fell enough. She decided to sit down in the mud just to make sure her bottom was as dirty as Grant's. Never one to be shown up.

Solana found her pumpkin and it was incredibly heavy. Much heavier than it looks. I know this because she told me all about it several times. :-)

Joe drove the van home so that I could ride with Dave. It's only my 3rd time on his bike so I was still pretty excited!

There was some nasty weather heading our way Friday so they decided to leave ahead of it.

Valerie and I squeezed in a trip to Target and JoAnn's Fabrics. The kids LOVED it ;-)


Chloe and I dropped them off at the airport at 1pm and they took off just before 2. I'd never seen their plane close-up so I was excited to be near it as they loaded. Grant LOVES planes and pointed to every one he saw. He and Chloe are so cute together. Who'd guess she's a year older than him?

Off they go!

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Holbergs said...

That's a bummer that we missed the visit. I'm jealous they got to go to Young's Dairy! I love that place!!!