Thursday, February 20, 2014

Literacy Night at PVS

Since becoming involved with the PTO at Chloe's school I'm much more aware of all the cool stuff the PTO does. In the past I probably would have blown off an event like Literacy Night because we read at home all the time. But the Principal and coordinators really talked it up at the PTO meeting so I decided to be supportive of the program and take the girls. And it turned out to be lots of fun for them! We started the evening with pizza in the cafeteria, which was a big hit. 

Here they are using a variety of instruments to make sounds in/with water. I'm not really sure what this has to do with literacy but they really enjoyed it. Ringing the bell under water was particularly exciting.

There was a word hunt all over the school This was a great scanning exercise for Chloe and she just about screamed every time she was a word on the wall.

Solana got to practice her patience by waiting for Chloe to scan the page to locate the words.

We sat on a blanket and the girls used props to retell the story I just read to them. The books were super cute and the girls did a great job listening and retelling the story.

 The final activity was writing in shaving cream. There was more rubbing going on than writing. This is definitely something we can do at home!

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