Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

I love Valentine's Day! It's so much fun! I know some people shun it because they say they don't need a special day to tell people that they love them but I think they're just a bunch of party poppers! I don't see it that way at all. In our family we tell and show how much we love each other every day. But all the red, pink, hearts, sweets, cards, crafts, and more hearts for Valentine's day are just way too much fun!

The girls had the day off from school for a Teacher Work Day so we had all day long to do fun Valentine activities (that is, after they both got in trouble for saying "No!" to Mommy [Chloe] and refusing to do as she was told [Solana] - just keepin' it real, people). After a time out here and a scolding there we had a fantastic day! :-)

We cut out hearts from some Valentine themed paper. It was actually a reuse project using scraps from Chloe's class party last year. Then we used the hearts to make mobiles hang from the ceiling and confetti for the table.

 And here's our beautiful table, complete with flower arrangement from Daddy. For lunch we enjoyed valentine egg pizza with orange juice. Yes, I was a little desperate for a heart lunch and had limited supplies on hand. They're somewhat desperate but also kinda cute, I think.  For lunch dessert the girls each had a candy from the Esther Price chocolate box Daddy gifted them.

We blew up a TON of balloons left over from Solana's class party this year. Oh my gosh I was feeling light-headed! Leticia gave me this great idea for hanging balloons that involves a needle and thread. Look at how nicely they hang in front of the window! And that's with zero tape on the walls. Yay!

During Chloe's "quiet time" Solana and I mixed up some sugar cookie dough and then right before dinner we cut out, baked, and decorated our lovely heart cookies.

 Look at how cute they are! I tried to make mine prettier than Solana's but she's just too artistic!

Dinner was pretty yummy, too, if I do say so myself. Actually, Dave said so many times ;-) I made oven baked hot wings. These are dipped in butter/hot sauce and are so incredibly good!!! Homemade blue cheese dressing, mashed potatoes, carrot sticks, and celery sticks. 

And check out these hot dogs I made for Solana's class party. hahahaha! I don't know why I think they're so hilarious! The kids got a kick out of them, too. 

By the end of the day we were all hearted out and, surprisingly, loved each other just the same as we did when the day began. All those hearts sure were fun, though!