Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Kitty

Solana has been harassing about getting a cat for months now. I can't remember when it began but she's been relentless. Over the past several months she's checked out just about every cat book available at her school library and memorized oodles of cat facts. She's even learned about the different breeds. To her credit, she hasn't pouted when we frequently say "no" or "maybe when you're older". She even had a cat on her Santa list. Unfortunately, Santa let her down. I think he knew that her parents weren't really on board with the whole cat thing. Fortunately for Solana, her Daddy is a big sucker with a much softer backbone than her mother. Her mother also happens to be a cat lover who's owned cats for about 31 of her 38 years of life. My 17 year-old cats, Serafina and Hardy, both passed away in 2012 and I do miss them. So when Dave started searching online for cats in December I almost caved. I could only stay strong for so long, though. A few months later and several more glances at adorable kitten pictures and he knew I was sold.

Enter our new kitty. We're still working on a name. Dave suggested 'Jaime', the red-headed main character of my favorite book series, Outlander. I was pretty excited about that suggestion but I'm thinking it won't stick. It'll come to us eventually. For now, he's just Kitty.

Everyone's very excited about our new family member. He's sleeping in Solana's room and his food/litter are there, as well. She said he slept well in his cat tower last night and I'm not surprised after all the excitement. The girls are at school right now and he's crashed out there again. I think it'll take some time for Monty to get used to Kitty's quick and jerky movements. He's a lot like a squirrel, I think, and it's driving Monty mad with desire to chase and nip. Fortunately, he's not timid and is tolerating the attentions of the dogs pretty well. 

Chloe woke up from her nap to find a new friend in her room and Solana has a "brilliant" idea.

Bluebell and Monty meet their new kitty friend.

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