Sunday, September 11, 2011

Monty and Wallet Drama

What a drama-filled week we have had! First the road trip. Then Monty decided to make our lives more exciting on Thursday. First, I'll give a little background information. We got Bluebell, our female Australian Shepherd, 3 years ago. She's almost the perfect dog. Sweet, great temperament, listens and follows instructions. She's a little timid, though, and not really a good watch dog. I learned this one day when I came into the house pretending to be a burglar and faked a low-pitched voice, "HEY DOGGIE. COME HERE!" She ran to the far end of the house to hide and then tinkled a little bit from fear. Dork. That's when we decided to get Montana, our male Australian Shepherd. And boy is he a handful. He'd definitely guard the house but he's not nearly as easy to control or train as Bluebell.

One of his bad habits: counter surfing. I thought it was over after a month of no incident but I left an open jar of almond butter on the kitchen counter Thursday morning. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! He had a good 10 minutes with it before I found him and this is what I found.

Yep. That's blood. Apparently, cutting up his tongue and mouth with glass wasn't deterrent enough to get him away from the broken glass. I called the vet crying and then called Dave crying. I ran around the house like a maniac looking for my wallet for about 3 minutes and then gave up. We left for the vet's office. X-Rays told us that he consumed two large chunks of glass. They fed him cotton in the hopes that it would help him pass the glass without tearing up his digestive system.

When I returned home I realized my wallet was nowhere to be found and literally spent the next day and a half searching for it. Angela called and insisted on coming over to help. As soon as she arrived I noticed Chloe's contact was missing. Seriously? After a quick search, Angela's little one, Ari, found it and I was practically sobbing as she handed it to me.

The glass didn't pass so they surgically removed the larger chunk from his belly on Friday. Another day and $925 later:


This incision on his belly is pretty long. I'd say a good 8 inches. I finally gave up searching and cancelled my credit cards Friday afternoon.

Sunday was 9/11 and, as bad as our week was, it gave us a little perspective. This was nothing. Our dinnertime prayer on Sunday was like many others that day. We were thankful for the safety and health of our family and prayed for those who've lost loved ones. And we prayed for peace. Then I found my wallet between the two cushions I sit on a the computer. Doh!


carol anne said...

This post upset me so much :( Oh, the drama -- I would have been in tears too, poor Monty and poor you! Hope this week is already better ~

Megan B ♥ said...

OOooooooh, baby!!! What. a. weekend!

Holbergs said...

When you prayed for peace, God must have decided to give you mental peace, so he put your wallet in a place you'd easily find it. Even God has a sense of humor, right?