Friday, September 30, 2011

That's What Chloe Said - September

Bobo = Bluebell "Hi Buh-bo! Hi Bobo! Hi Buh-bo! Hi Bobo!" She LOVES Bluebell!!!

Hug - She started this in Nashville. She comes up to us all the time and says, "hug" and then hugs us. It's lovely and I wish it would go on forever. Update: The hugs aren't slowing down. They're more frequent and I'm starting to think Chloe might currently be the most snuggly huggly 2 year-old ever! She's hugging me constantly and the way she says "Huuug" while she's doing it is so sweet!

Lola = Chloe

Mirrr = Mirror. Apparently there are lots of mirrors and shiny things around our house that can act as mirrors. Who knew! Chloe's been pointing them all out to me. Mirror in my bedroom, Mirror in the guest bathroom, Mirror in the living room, Mirror on my shower door, Mirror on the fireplace, Mirror on the oven, Mirror on Chloe's little play purse set, etc

9/20/11 Current Favorite Book = Pat the Bunny

Mahnee = Monty (pronounced like "money" but with the "ah" sound.) "Hi Mah-nee, Hi Mah-nee. He can't be around here lately because of his dangerous toddler-whacking cone so she only sees him through the gate or while I'm carrying her. But she always says "hi" to him when she sees him.

Cole-ey = Chloe (she's getting better at saying her name!)

While washing Chloe's hands I always sing to the tune of 3 blind mice. "Clean clean clean. Clean clean clean." Chloe has changed that to, "Hey hey hey. Hey hey hey." I'm not sure why. And if I say, "Let's go wash your hands." She'll reply, "Hey hey hey. Hey hey hey" while rubbing her hands together.


Melissa said...

She is so cute. You should try to get video of her words, because they change so quickly! I get sad when one of Daphne's cute mispronunciations disappears. She is also very affectionate. She shoves her face on ours and says "nuzzle, nuzzle, nuzzle." Of course, sometimes it's hard enough to break a nose.... But still cute.

Megan B ♥ said...

Awwwwww!!! Changing so fast!!

carol anne said...

Hehe She is so sweet!

Mikey says, "hold you" with his arms up ~ and he has to point out every (EVERY) light he sees... and his Mikey sounds like Monkey -- guess they are related?!!!

Holbergs said...

I love that you document all of this! No wonder the speech therapist was impressed!

BTW- You forgot that she says "Lala" bc she loves her Aunt Lala so much!