Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fun With Chloe

I don't know if it's Solana starting first grade or what but I'm in super documentation mode. I want to document every single thing the girls do. Maybe it's just because time seems to be flying by so quickly and they're changing so much that I just want to hang on to their little adorable selves somehow.

Chloe and I had a fun moment this morning. She knows what glasses are and often points to her glasses and then mine saying, "dla-heh." She did it this morning as soon as I took her out of bed but this time she actually took my glasses off my face. Then, with the other hand, she pulled her own glasses off, and finally, put mine on her face. The camera just happened to be close by so I grabbed a few shots.

Then Chloe did something totally out of character. She started hamming it up for the camera. Normally, she gets very serious in front of the camera and just stares. But this morning she was all smiles. After I took a few pictures she wanted to look at the camera to see them. Just the other day we were watching a video of our friend, Daphne, playing with her doll. Chloe watched it intently. I wonder if she's starting to understand the concept of cameras and how she can take a picture or video and then look at it. She called her self "beebee" when we looked at the pictures. Melt.


Grammy said...

Such special moments--special memories!Hugs and more hugs!

meredith said...

She looks so cute in glasses. Have you made your blog into a book yet?

Melissa said...

Such little hams, these girls of ours. I just posted a new video on FB, you've got to show it to Chloe.

Holbergs said...

LOVE this post! Tell "Beebee" that Lala loves her and misses her!

Yes, melt!!