Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That's What Chloe Said - August

Now that Chloe's starting to learn some words I want to record the most adorable little things she says and does. I'll post them once a month to consolidate them. I think these will be great for the future. We can look back and say, "Oh, I remember when she used to do that!"

They're probably the same things every baby does but, you know, they're super special and of note to us. I'm very forgetful and I don't want to lose these memories forever.

Chloe's favorite saying for the week: "Uppy" This is a progression from "Up Peas" and "Up Pee."
She pretty much wants me to carry her around all over the place or at least hold her. It's adorable and I can hardly say "no." And as soon as Dave gets home she attacks him, "Uppy. Uppy. Uppy. Uppy."

Previous favorites:

Hair - She still points out my hair all the time. "HAAyer" Haaair"

Hi - She'd go back and forth with just about anyone 10-15 times in a row. "Hi." "Hi." "Hi. "Hi." Strangers thought it was hilarious and then wondered if it would ever end.

More Kay! - Chloe learned the power of "More" and she'd use the sign and word together. She would ask for "More" and I would get so excited that I'd answer "OK!" Then she started putting the two together and say (not ask) "More K. More K. More K."

Dank Dooooo - "Thank you". She says it for giving and receiving. For a couple of weeks she was constantly picking stuff up and bringing it to us saying, "Dank Doooooo" and she says it in a high pitch singing kind of voice.


Melissa said...

She's doing great! We should really get the girls together. Can you imagine how much both their language would develop?

carol anne said...

She is super smart!
(pretty sure she takes after me)

Holbergs said...

You left out the best one... My personal favorite:

Hi Lala, Hi Lala, Hi Lala...etc! This Aunt Lala never wonders if it will end...Only hopes it won't!