Tuesday, August 9, 2011

10 Days

10 Days. That's how long it took for us to lose a contact. We haven't even had our two-week checkup to make sure they're fitting right and that she's seeing ok out of them. Aaaaargh! The really frustrating part is that I literally check her eyes every single time I pick up up (which is often) to make sure they're safely in place. It would be one thing if I just sort of forgot about them all day but I check ALL THE TIME.

Frustrating. Frustrating. Frustrating.

The good news is that they can get a new one in tomorrow. We'll go to the hospital, put her lenses in, and wait for the doctor to take a look at her. Oh, and the other good news is that we're back into the groove of easy insertion/removal. Whew!


Melissa said...

Oh, Cyndi. I hope your insurance covers the little suckers.

Megan B ♥ said...


Kim said...

Aww man! I know how hard you've been trying to keep track of them. Bummer.

The Hillbergs said...

You know... you should get colored contacts -- something like neon blue -- then when one popped out, you'd know from across the room. PLUS you could find it glowing on the floor! Yes, as i'm typing this up, I am realizing that I'm a genius and have just solved the contact issue for you! Ya!