Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back To School Survival Kit for Teachers

My sister shared this gift idea with me and I just have to share it with you. It's a back -to-school survival kit for teachers. She said that she once received something like this from one of her students and it proved handy as she went back to it several times during the year. It's thoughtful and really didn't cost much at all.

The original blog post she sent me is here and they have a really cute gift tag that you can download and print. I found a nice little bag in my "gift wrapping stash" that I wanted to use so I didn't need to decorate it. Here's a list of what I put in it:

Mrs. Eckhart's Emergency Kit

Binder Clips - to help you keep it together
Stride Gum - to maintain your stride even in sticky situations
Band Aids - to help heal boo boos
Pen & Note Pad - to jot down your best ideas
Highlighter - to remember to highlight the positive
Tissues - to wipe away the fears (and tears)
Granola Bar - when you need a little pick-me-up
Lotion - to keep things running smoothly
Deoderant - for those times you ran out the door too quickly
Cough Drops - for a strong voice to deliver your important words
Toothbrush and Toothpaste - to freshen up your day..

I was thinking of printing out the list and adding it to the bag but I think I might hand-write it on a pretty little piece of stationary for a more personal feel.

I actually had a bunch of these items at home already. I only had to buy:
Stride gum ($.79)
Pen ($.13)
Note Pad ($.49)
Cough Drops ($.10)
Highlighter ($.39)
Tissues ($.47)
Total: $2.37

Granted, I spent more money on the pens, cough drops, and tissues, but I kept most of them. Plus, I hit the Walgreens back-to-school sale and used the coupons from their flyer so the stuff I did buy was super cheap. Still, I think anyone could put something like this together for around $5 pretty easily

Love your kids' teachers. They probably work harder and longer than your realize.

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Holbergs said...

Ooooh! I like the bag!
You're so smart with good deals. I spent way too much money, but was racing through Target with Mia and Graham while Jeremy sat in the car with Ross (he was sleeping).

I noticed you didn't have to purchase the deoderant. You're not giving recycled deoderant, right?!!! Heehee!!