Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nature Camp 2011

Solana attended nature camp through our local Parks and Recreation department this summer. She did one last year and loved it. It's one week long and 3 hours a day. There are several to choose from. This year we put her into one called Water Odyssey. They spent a lot of time in the creek and stream every day. I had to bring a towel and change of clothes to pick her up every day because she was pretty much soaked up to the waist with creek water. I also had to spray her with sunscreen and bug spray when dropping her off. We didn't want to pick up any ticks now, did we?

On the second day she won an award for catching the most crawdads! And that's after she gave some of the ones she caught to friends who didn't catch any.

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carol anne said...

What a sweet girl!