Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mexico - Vacation Finally Arrives!

After a week in Houston my parents, the girls, and I flew to Cancun. We checked in on the computer the night before and were thrilled to all get seats together! Solana listened to Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy for most of the trip and colored for the rest. Chloe drank a bottle (I travled with a bottle warmer in the diaper bag and used the outlet at the bathroom sink right before we boarded) and fell asleep about 20 minutes after takeoff. It's pretty darn uncomfortable holding a sleeping baby for an hour and a half on the airplane. But I'll tell you what - it's easier than entertaining one!

As we flew we wondered out loud what Dave was up to. He arrived in Mexico about 4 hours before us so we guessed he was laying by the pool drinking something icy and alcoholic.

When we arrived in Mexico we found ourselves at the end of a 45 minute line at immigration. Blech. That was kind of boring but Chloe was pretty patient in the stroller and Solana made friends in line. Then we got our bags no problem.

The next step: getting to the resort. Our transportation from the airport to the resort is always set up by our resort. My memory is that, in the past, they sent us an email with the name of the transportation company taking us there. The email usually includes a warning to only travel with the company that they've contracted. They will not pay for other companies or taxis to bring us to the resort. My Dad informed me a few days eariler that Dave had set up transportation for us all. As we waited in line for customs I realized that I didn't ever see the information about our transportation so I asked my Dad if he brought it. "Dave didn't send me any information. He just told me he'd set it up. No. I don't have the name of any company. It'll be fine."

Now, in order to understand my reaction to this you need to know a little bit about my traveling history. Our first three trips to Mexico I carried a small three ring binder - with labeled dividers - and plastic page protectors. In it I included: all the email confirmation pages setting up the trip, contacts at the resort, travel documents, packing checklists, wedding checklists (for our wedding and then, my sister's wedding), etc. I've lightened up a little bit each trip but this trip I was traveling without a husband and with two children. I focused on the girls and pretty much left travel plans up to everyone else. Sure we could have just paid for a taxi if we couldn't figure out which company to take but I didn't think of that. I just felt that panicky stomach-dropping feeling of an organizing freak suddenly finding themselves without a trusty three-ring binder.

Upon exiting baggage claim area I told Solana to hold on tight to the stroller and we quickly marched past the barrage of travel agents trying to get our business and out the door. As soon as we walked through the double sliding doors we were greeted by a sea of people holding up signs for their various transportation companies. There were probably about a hundred people. I literally, no kid you, said to myself out loud, "We are so screwed." Then I looked 30 degrees to the right (I'm choked up now just thinking about it. This couldn't have been more dramatic.) and who do I see - DA-dada-DAAAAA! The most handsome man ever drinking a Mexican beer and holding a suitcase. It's DAVE! Ahhhhh! I don't remember the last time I smiled so big with my mouth wide open! Solana ran to him yelling, "Daddy!" and poor little Chloe was strapped into the stroller. She clapped her little hands as quickly as possible and with all her might!

We belong to the Palace Resorts and planned to stay at the Moon Palace. Turns out Dave wasn't happy with the location or design of the suites there. The suites had three levels with unprotected step downs that would not be ideal for Chloe in her walker. And the two rooms he checked out had horrible views. So he had them move our reservation to the Aventura Cove Palace. And then he came to the airport to meet us since we weren't aware of this change.

We finally got to the resort and checked in. The guy at the front desk made a Pink Panther balloon for Solana. And then she chased the bellhop.

We were so happy to be at our home away from home! We love these resorts. Dave and I have spent 6 weeks at them since we were married and this was my parents' third.

As we unpacked Dave and I realized we didn't hear any noise coming from the rest of the suite and wondered where everyone was. Here's where we found them - a little travel weary and ready to relax!

Chloe checked out the dining room. This suite was perfect. Our room connected to the foyer. From the foyer there were double doors leading to the living room and then dining room. The little door on the right side of this picture led to the kitchenette. From the living room there was another door that led to my parents' room. This was all one smooth floor with no bumps or transitions of any kind. It was perfect! Chloe had a good 1000 square feet to cruise around on.

We ordered room service the first night because we just wanted to lay around and relax. We love all-inclusive. All the food and drinks are included. Even room service and pool side beverages. Ahhh. It's dreamy.

The next morning we headed off to breakfast. My Dad loves breakfast.
My Daddy

Dave's helping Solana at the kid station.

Chloe's big form of communication at this time: clapping. She clapped for anything that interested her, made her happy, or she liked. Apparently, she likes the restaurant we chose for breakfast.

Dave and Chloe decided to do a little dancing in the lobby after breakfast.

Happily stuffed and ready to vacation!

My Mom loves to shop. There was no holding her back from the gift shop on our first vacation day. Unfortunately for her, this is not a passion that I share. But at least I've provided her a granddaughter to bond with in this way. :-)

To be continued...


The Hillbergs said...

where are these resorts??? they sound great!!!

Holbergs said...

I wish we had gone. Next time, for sure!