Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mexico - The Pool!

We spent a LOT of time at the pool in Mexico. When Dave switched resorts he got us pretty much the best possible room/pool situation we could have dreamed of. The buildings are in the shape of very long rectangles with the short end of the rectangle facing the beach. The "regular" rooms go all along the building and the balconies are all along the long side of the rectangle. They're angled so that everyone can see the ocean from their balcony. But since we were super fancy on this trip and got a suite we took up the entire short end of the rectangle and had a straight shot of the ocean from our super long balcony.

Here's a picture of me and my Mom sitting at the pool. You can see some shrubs and then our balcony right behind. That's how close we were to our room.
The next picture is taken from the same chairs looking the other direction. My mom and Solana are enjoying some pizza and dancing to salsa music :-) Beyond them is the little round pool that was our "private pool" which led into the big winding pool. On the left you can see the roof of the swim-up bar. And beyond that, the beach. Because we could lounge so close to our room, we could actually use the baby monitor during Chloe's naps (the hottest part of the day) and go lay out without fear of her waking early from her nap. IT WAS AAAAWESOME! Yay Dave! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect situation.
Our hero and his two baby girls.
Me and Chloe Bea. There was a really wide and shallow step that she could play on. It worked out pretty well until she wanted to move farther and faster. Then sitting just didn't cut it anymore :-)
There were iguanas EVERYWHERE! We literally saw about 20 a day. This one lived in that little bit of landscaping right by the pool and liked to sun himself right there every day. Our two umbrellas are the right two in the picture and our building/balcony is the one you see in the background. (We were on the bottom floor.) He lived so close to "our" chairs that we got to see him every day.

This super hot guy agreed to take a picture with me. I think he's like a movie star or something.

Light as a feather stiff as a board...I tried to do that but I wasn't quite as good. Only my nose and mouth were sticking out of the water. Haha!
I can't even tell you how many times Dave had to do this over the course of 7 days...

You may notice that there are almost no other people in these pictures. It's not because they were strategically taken. The resort was practically empty the first few days we were there! It was like we had the whole place to ourselves. We considered whether or not to go because of the violence we'd heard of but Dave did some research and we decided it was plenty safe. Plus, we never left the resort except to go to/from the airport. It's a bummer for them that they're so empty but it sure was nice for us!

La Familia Hendrickson. My parents picked up this float for Chloe in the gift shop. It was a great purchase! She loved going in the water and I loved not having to hold her every time she got in the water.

At one point during the week Dave and my Dad took off for a round of golf. They were transported to one of the other Palace Resorts because ours didn't have a golf course. It ended up being an all day affair. My mom had some spa treatments scheduled at the same time (I think she had a massage and facial, or something like that) so she was also gone for 3 hours or so. I was stuck watching the girls all by myself during prime laying-out time! And let me tell you. It was ROUGH! No fun what-so-ever. Here I am watching Solana.
Here I am watching Chloe. (BTW-check out my sweet abs. They already don't look like that so I have to save this picture for proof that they once did. )
15 minutes later I made Solana get out of the sun for a bit. I can't believe they all took off and left me watching the girls. These two are a handful! Lame.

Pool time was fun, relaxing, wonderful, rejuvenating, intoxicating. :-) We can't get enough of those resorts and I almost wish I'd done these blog entries while we were still there. I'm missing our home away from home!

To be continued...


Melissa said...

Tell me again where you stayed? It looks amazing! And you look hot! I am doing a cleanse right now to see if I can get myself on the road back to my usual shape. Two and a half years after the twins, I have no excuse...

Megan B ♥ said...

What a great trip, hot mama!!!!!

carol anne said...

Thank you so much for sharing all the great pictures and all the details about your trip! Looks like an amazing time ~ xoxo

Holbergs said...

No fair that you had to struggle with both of the girls while everyone else relaxed! I say you get a vacation redo!

By the way, hush about your stomach! Even out of shape, it looks great! UGH!