Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Contact

We just got back from the pick up a new pair of contacts. I won't say any more about how this makes me feel because I prefer to not use curse words on the blog.

Brian's trying to finagle 3 or 4 pair from our vision insurance (they usually pay for 1) and we're waiting to hear back on that. In the meantime, we're on our second pair (plus a single). I have a sneaking suspicion we'll get to through 3 or 4 pair before he even hears back. At $100 a pair keeping Chloe's eyes contact-ed is going to be an expensive endeavor.

The good things are that: 1. They were able to get the first pair as a "doctor's RX change" which means it's free for us. 2. Brian's trying to get us those extra free pairs covered by insurance. 3. Every 2nd pair is discounted 50%. So they'll cost $100 and then $50 then $100 then $50, etc. 4. I asked Brian if he could charge the insurance company for all the $100 pairs and just let me pay for all the $50 pairs (at least until we run out of coverage) and he said "heck yeah!"

Ok. I guess I feel a little better now. I just need to work on Chloe's communication now so that she can tell us when she loses a contact. :-)