Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bumpkin and Honey Badger

Dave's beer making skills are ever improving...and so are his label making skills.
His Bumpkin Ale has a really nice pumkin flavor to it. It was ready in mid-November. A perfect fall flavor. I'll leave it up to you to figure out the identity of the scary bumpkin.

The Honey Badger is a Honey Brown Ale. It's incredibly tasty and smooth! The color is a really dark caramel brown. Dave was particularly proud of this label and has become somewhat obsessed with that Honey Badger YouTube video. I'm pretty sure I've had to watch it a good 3 times in the past month since he brewed it. If you watch the video you'll understand the quote at the bottom of his label. Oh what the heck. I've had to watch it. You should, too. It actually is kind of hilarious.

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Holbergs said...

Haha! I can identify the scary pumpkin.
Oh...Honey Badger...