Friday, January 13, 2012


80 Days Intubated - with a tube down her throat and a machine breathing for her.
11 Months on oxygen during the day.
18 Months breathing with oxygen at night.

At 2 years 5 months she is officially released from pulmonary!! Such a big girl!

We love Chloe's pulmonologist, Dr. Sobande but, I must say, I wasn't sad to leave without making a future appointment. Dr. Sobande was thrilled with Chloe's growth (25.3lbs and 2'9"). According to the curve on his computer she's approaching 50th %ile in both weight and height. Seems hard to believe for me but it's pretty amazing!

Chloe's going through a phase where nobody can hold or touch her but me. She wouldn't let Dr. Sobande hold her but she gave him a high five and chatted with him a bit. Her smile is quite charming - he couldn't smile at her enough and just shook his head at how happy he was - saying he wished we were his last appointment so we could just visit for a while. She does have that effect on people.

We're so happy for Chloe - our big easily breathing girl. :-)

P.S. She had an appointment with Dr. Bloom, her opthamologist, today. He's happy and made no changes. We'll see him again in three months. :-)

5 comments: said...

omg, I literally got a little teary reading this. Following Chloe's progress from the days when you weren't sure you should buy her any clothes, look at her now! I am so happy for you. Buh-bye, pulmo!

Grammy said...

So,so HAPPY!!

The Hillbergs said...

Congratulations!!!! Man, Chloe has com a LONG way!

Emily and Troy Williams said...

So exciting!! Go Chloe!! And go Mom, Dad, and Big Sister!! Know that has to be such a relief to you all.

Holbergs said...

Little miracle! I think her clinging to you is just her way of playing hard to get. She knows everyone wants to hold and hug on her!! STINKER!!!