Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That's What Chloe Said - January

Chloe's really into her dolly these days. She can be heard narrating the dolly's activities and playing with dolly throughout the day. She looooves her dolly.

"Huhmon Dolly." = Come on Dolly.

"Dolly eating." - As she puts the spoon to Dolly's mouth.

"Dolly wiedeen bike." - As Dolly sits on top of Chloe's little bike.

"I hep youuu Dolly." = I'll help you Dolly.

"Dolly bonkin head." = Dolly bonked her head.

"Dolly down." = Dolly fell down.

"Awwwwwww Dolly." - As she gives Dolly a hug.

"Det down." - As Dolly is helped down from her temporary perch on the bookshelf.

"Dolly! Dolly! Dolly! Wheeeeee!" - As Dolly flies through the air in Chloe's hand.

"Mommy! Dolly hhlIdeen! - As she makes Dolly slide down the broomstick of a broom leaning against the wall.

"Dolly wat DoeWa?" - Chloe's sly request to watch her favorite TV show, Dora.

Dolly took the fall for Chloe's wrong-doing. I was cooking when I heard the XBox On/Off button furiously beeping in the living room. (It sits on our entertainment center at Chloe's height. She used to touch it all the time when she first started standing and walking.) "Ah Ah Ah Chloe. Don't touch that button," I called from the other room. When I poked my head around the corner Chloe stood with Dolly at the XBox as though Dolly was the one pressing the button and helpfully passed on my message. "Ah Ah Ah Dolly! Button No."

Dolly is officially Chloe's favorite toy of the month. Dolly goes EVERYWHERE with her and shares in everything Chloe does. If I offer Chloe a drink or a bite of something I have to give Chloe a drink or bite first. If I'm blowing my nose I suddenly find myself blowing Dolly's nose.

Dolly was recently given a lesson in fireplace tools and how soot easily rubs off of them and onto clothing. She also shared Chloes prunes, took a dip in the dog's water bowl, and tap danced on top of the litter box. Dolly received her first "bath" in the washing machine today. She receives too many hugs and kisses to continue on in her dirty state.

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Angela Maggard said...

I remember her standing at the door hugging her and chattering about her!! So adorable!!!