Thursday, February 3, 2011

That's what Solana said - January

Solana says the cutest things sometimes and I want jot some of them here so we can always remember them. I think I'll work on a post each month and then post it at the end of the month:

1/5/11 "It's a good thing Monty (our Australian Shepherd puppy) didn't eat my Christmas pencil because then Christmas would be gone FOR-EVER!"

1/27/11 While unloading her backpack after school Solana pulled out a little booklet she'd made in school. It was about the size of the palm of her little hand and had about 6 pages. Each page had one large upper-case letter (A through F). She showed me the book and said, "I made this book for Chloe at school. AND I ONLY WROTE IN BLACK so she could see it." This was one of the sweetest and kindest things she'd ever done for Chloe. I almost started crying but held it together and praised her for such a thoughtful gift. (Note: She was paying attention when the vision therapist was here and knows that Chloe can see better when pictures are high contrast.) Then she sat on the floor, put Chloe between her legs, and began showing her the book and singing the ABC's. Um. Yeah. I cried. Such a sweet loving girl :-)


carol anne said...

Such a sweet girl! So thoughtful. Xo

Megan B ♥ said...

Um.... just got a little misty over here. What a sweet sister!!