Monday, February 28, 2011

Chicken! bawk bawk bawk

Friday was the big night for Chloe's oxygen study. I put her to bed without her oxygen and then planned to come back a couple of hours later to hook up the monitor. When I came back, though, I noticed she was a tiny bit snotty and sleeping with her mouth open. I totally chickened out and decided to wait. I put her canula on and put her in her little popasan chair to sleep. "They're not coming to pick up the monitor until Monday, anyway", I justified.
So we did the study last night (Sunday). I had a hard time sleeping. I wanted to watch the monitor all night. We used to put the sensor on the outside of her foot but she's grown and her foot's gotten a little fatter. I was worried that the sensor wouldn't be able to read through her chub so I decided to put it on her big toe. The monitor read 88% oxygen for the first few minutes and I got worried. I'd rather see 99%! Dave and I debated what to do and decided to try it on the outside of her foot but just as I peeled the extra tape off to change positioning it went up to 95%! I watched it for a few minutes and checked again around 3am and it was wavering between 94% and 97%. I'm not certain but I think that's good enough. I just hope it stayed up there all night - even when I wasn't looking. The oxygen supplier will pick up the monitor today and send the data to Chloe's Pulmonologist. I hope we hear from him this week! Fingers crossed!


carol anne said...

I was wondering how it went and how much sleep you actually got durring it! Glad YOU made it through -- :D

Megan B ♥ said...

Sounds VERY VERY promising!!! So excited! By by O2!! I have missed a lot in the last few weeks while I have been obsessing about my fanny!! All great stuff! Way to go, little princess, and way to go, Mommy!! And Solana is HILARIOUS. She would get along very well on a playdate with my kids. How is next Tuesday looking for you? ;)