Monday, February 28, 2011

That's what Solana said - February

I was trying to let Dave sleep in a little bit while I fed Chloe. He pulled the sheets up and put the pillow over his head to block the light but was obviously having trouble getting back to sleep. Solana came in. "Is Daddy still asleep?"
"No. He's awake."
"Then who's that man under the covers?!?!?!?"
Hahahahahaha! I don't know if she was trying to be funny or not but I started cracking up and she joined in as if she meant it to be funny. :-)

"Cats are like paper towels...except that they like to be pet a lot. Well, like DRY paper towels."

Dave tucked Solana in at night and then came out holding a blanket. "Solana said this blanket needs to be washed because she said it smells like 'Mommy's pee' or 'pickles'." I have no idea...

I finished vacuuming the living room and left Chloe playing on the living room carpet with Solana while I quickly put the vacuum cleaner away. Suddenly I heard Solana yelling in a chastising/motherly voice that only a 5 year-old big sister can muster, "Chloe! It is not appropriate for a baby to be on the kitchen floor! Mom! It is not appropriate for Chloe to be crawling on the hard kitchen floor!" As I hurried back to the kitchen Solana was in the process of luring Chloe back into the living room with a Cheerio and saying, "Ugh. What am I going to do with this baby?" I swear I don't say that!

Solana: I think I'll put this sticker on my clubhouse.
Me: That's good thinking.
Solana: You mean, "great thinking?"
Me: Yes, of course. That's exactly what I meant.


carol anne said...

She is a comic genius!

Angela Maggard said...

Lol lol! I looooove these! :)