Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pennies for a Purpose

Solana's school has been studying about Martin Luther King Jr. this past month and it turned into lessons about being a good person and helping others. The students were tasked with earning 100 pennies and bringing them in for a donation. Solana got a week off from her responsibility chart and instead earned pennies all week for doing chores and helping out at home. The grand finale of their lesson was a concert where they presented a check for $147 to the local food bank (all of it from pennies earned and donated by the children) and barrels of food donations sent in by the parents. The children then performed songs such as: Love Can Build a Bridge, Imagine, etc. They did a great job and learned valuable lessons about charity and being good citizens. It was great and the teachers did a great job organizing it. We are thankful Solana gets to attend such a great school!


Holbergs said...

Beautiful! What a great lesson to learn at such a young age!

Megan B ♥ said...

I totally sent this to our PTA president and principal. What a great idea. And so doable.