Thursday, February 3, 2011

Daddy's Girl - REVISED

Chloe is almost a perfect baby. I say almost because there's something wrong with her. It's kind of a big thing, though, so it really must be addressed at some point. Chloe's problem is that she's...I can't say's too sweet baby girl is.....A DADDY'S GIRL!

How did this happen? I don't know. I never had this problem with Solana. Solana was a perfect little baby. She loved both her parents equally. But not Chloe. Chloe loves her Mama, for sure. She thinks I'm a hilarious clown and entertainer. I can make her laugh on a dime. But she makes it very clear that, when Daddy's in the room, I sit second chair to him.

Chloe will not do the following:
-Put her arms out to be picked up.
-Give kisses.
-Wave Goodbye.
-Welcome people with screams of joy.
Chloe will not do the above EXCEPT for her Daddy, that is!

Oh woe is me. Where did I go wrong? How did I raise a Daddy's girl and how do I fix this obviously major problem created by erroneous upbringing?

I almost forgot! This is almost an insult. Chloe babbles like crazy but her most favorite thing to say is "DaDa." She'll say it over and over randomly, when Dave enters the room, and especially after I say, "say Mama." I think she's said, "Mama" maybe twice...Little squirt!


Anonymous said...

LOL. In my experience, there's no cure. Both mine are Daddy's girls. It is completely, completely unfair.

carol anne said...

She is one smart girl!

All mine like Mike the best -- except Mikey!! He is a Mama's Boy for sure. Makes me sooooo happy :D

The Hillbergs said...

I'm so sorry -- isn't there some sort of therapy they offer for this? Check with the 'help me grow' people - the ones who do all her PT and stuff. perhaps they know a cure for daddy-girl-syndrom. If not, well, your only option is to get a male hamster or cat or dog who you can raise as a 'mommy's boy'.