Friday, February 18, 2011

Dave's B-17 Irish Red

Dave's first brew is finally ready! We shared a bottle last night and it's really good! He's excited about it turning out so well and declared that his brew kit is the best gift I've ever given him. Yay me :-)

It's an Irish Red and he named it:
Dave's B-17 Irish Red
I grumbled about the pinup girl but he reminded me that I said his beer labels should be a "guy thing." Sometimes I amaze myself. Did you notice the location of Dave's Brew Haus? Bluebell, Montana. Get it?

About to enjoy his first taste of his first homebrew.

Dave's B-17 comes in three different bottles so you can choose based on how thirsty you feel.

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carol anne said...

Very cool! Wish I could try it ~