Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Breathe Easy

It's official! Chloe has been ordered off oxygen! Yahooo! The doctor has sent the order to the medical supply company and they should come pick up all the equipment soon. Yay!
  • Bye bye huge oxygen concentrator! Thank you for your service. We'll miss the white noise you made with your rumbly engine and the huge amounts of heat you put off ~ especially in the summer.
  • Bye bye pulse-ox monitor. It was comforting to have you around when we decided to lay Chloe on her stomach to help round out her head and we will miss your crazy antics. Beeping every hour of the night because Chloe wiggled her foot = hilariousness!
  • Bye bye heavy D tank. It was so much fun lugging you around to doctor's appointments. I'm pretty sure you had something to do with my mystery shoulder injury last year. You'll be missed.
  • Bye bye C tank. If only we knew you existed sooner. You're so much smaller and easier to carry than D and your little carrying backpack was adorable!
  • Bye bye extra canulas. Thank you for waiting your turn to replace your snotty predacessors.
  • Bye bye extra tubing. We're so used to making sure we don't trip on you. Will we ever walk into the bedroom at night without looking down to spot you? (And may we please use you as a kooky long straw or jumprope now?)
  • Bye bye extra sensors and wrong sensors. Why did the medical equipment supplier always insist on sending the wrong sensors? We'll never know...but we loved you no less.
  • Bye bye extra sensor tape. Thank you for attempting to keep the sensor on Chloe's foot - even if you weren't always successful. Surely we can find some way to recycle you. Homemade bandaids for Solana's over-dramatized scrapes....perhaps?
  • Bye bye water bottle. You humidified the oxygen and you humidified it well. Thank you for never falling over and pouring water into Chloe's tubing her drowning her in her sleep. We really appreciated being terrified by the respiratory therapist who set up our equipment and told us that story so we kept you tied down extra tight.

I just put Chloe to bed without a canula. Such luxury! Now we'll need to discuss when she moves to the crib in her room. Yikes!


Kim said...

That is so awesome!!!!!

The Hillbergs said...

Congratulations! You should throw a graduation party!!