Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Solana and I had our first ever mother-daughter date to Panera Bread on Saturday. Dave stayed home with Chloe during our date. Solana was so excited! And it was great to go out with and direct all my attention at her. That rarely happens. We both ordered the tomato soup and I had the Mediterranean veggie sandwich. Yum! Our window faced Centerville's main street and the building is next to a stoplight. We sat at the window and "people watched" the cars lined up at the light. The highlight was when Solana spotted a motorcycle. I looked up just as he spit a loogie (gross) and said, "Wave to him." Solana did and he waved back. That was soooo exciting. Hahahaha! She noted how amazingly fast he took off from the light but I think that was her imagination since he was behind about 5 minivans at the light (I think he did rev his engine for her, though.)

Kim and Sophia joined us at the show. The girls dressed up like Pinkalicious and really enjoyed it! It was much better than Bearenstein Bears, for sure! These pictures were taken in the basement during intermission.

I snapped a couple pictures of the girls but lady in front of me was sighing loudly so I stopped. And then, toward the end, I realized the show was running late. I decided to text Dave so he could get Chloe ready for bed and feed her. The usher came up and asked me to put my phone away. Wow. I think I was a smart phone hooligan at this show. So embarrassing! Fortunately, Solana didn't notice and we had a great night out!


The Hillbergs said...

I love Panera Bread!!!

meredith said...

I'm so glad you were able to spend time with just Solona. I know how much my kiddos enjoy their one on one time!

Holbergs said...

Sooo... Have you and Dave discussed how you're going to handle the first boy who shows up for a date with Solana on a motorcycle? :-)