Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pajama Day

Solana's class worked really hard to fill up their jar with little pom poms. The reason they worked so hard was because a full jar would mean Pajama Day! They finally did it and they got their pajama day yesterday. Not a single kid in her class forgot to dress up for pajama day.

In honor of her first PJ day, Solana and I read Fancy Nancy Pajama Day the night before. She loves Fancy Nancy books. She loves reading. She loves words and she uses her new-found treasures regularly. For example, just the other day she told me that I should buy the socks in the Kohl's catalog. I asked her why I should do that and she replied, "Well, because they're fancy. And your clothes are usually, well,...bland." The pause was nice - as though she was trying to spare my feelings. I looked down at my gray sweatpants and gray T-shirt and had to agree that her usage of the word 'bland' was absolutely on point.

Anyway....I digress...I'm good at that. One of the most exciting moments of the day was when Solana's class got to watch a movie and...get this...TAKE THEIR SHOES OFF! IN CLASS!!! It's amazing the things that excite kids. Leticia and I just had a conversation about this. She teaches 4th grade and her kids earn tickets that they use to buy things out of the prize box. Leticia buys treats and toys for her prize box but the *hot* items are things like: -sit by the teacher's desk for the day - take off your shoes in class - use a ballpoint pen for the day - wear a hat.

I believe that kids thrive on routine. But also note that they're giddy over breaks in it. (They couldn't excite over a break in routine without actual routine, though...) I've heard numerous people complain that their kids have too many toys (myself included) and I think we focus too much on buying things for our kids. I want to focus on the little things that truly make my girls happy. Not the ones that get thrown in the toy bin and forgotten but the ones that create "I remember when" moments. I suspect that Pajama Day will be an "I remember when" moment for Kindergarden.


Megan B ♥ said...

Oh so true, and she looks darling! It is exciting for me to hear that even fourth graders are still jazzed about those kinds of things! Happy pajama day, solana! I think we will have a pajama day in our preschool before the year is out. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Kim said...

Sophia's PJ day is tomorrow! Solana looks so excited and this totally reminded me to take pics tomorrow.