Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 Year-Old Molars

Solana is teething! A couple of days ago she complained that her teeth were hurting and she felt a hole in her back tooth. A hole in her back tooth?!? She didn't act like she was in real pain so Dave and I sort of blew off her complaint thinking she just didn't want to eat her dinner. We told her to chew on the other side of her mouth. (Great parenting, right?) When she complained again the next morning I took a look and saw a molar that appeared to be half covered up by gum tissue. Frantic, I called the dentist. The lovely lady who answers the phone (I can't remember her name but she's really sweet and always remembers us.) told me it sounds like she's getting her 6 year-old molars.


I have a niece who's three months older than Solana. I have lots of friends with kids her age and slightly older. I read about dozens of fevers, colds, and other miscellaneous ailments on facebook every day. How is it that I've never heard of 6 year-old molars? Surely I was at one point aware of this apparently taboo phenomenon. Did I never notice, while brushing Solana's teeth, that she has fewer teeth than I? The knowledge that kids get new teeth after the age of two completely escaped my brain, though. I wonder exactly when that happened. So I was just as surprised as Solana to find out she's teething...right along with her baby sister.



carol anne said...

and then... there is a second round of loosing baby teeth!
Both Paige and DJ are loosing teeth again. Which is why I, completely blew off Kelly when she tried to tell me HER teeth were loose, thinking she was just trying to copy them.
I think it is so strange that they are all so different as to when their teeth come in and when they loose them.
My brother and I have very similar teeth -- except I know that he has had a cavity and I still haven't! (haha)

catchupdaphne said...

There's more molars at age 11 or so. I remember getting those. I know that because Lucy's dentist counts her teeth at every visit, as an excuse to examine them. ;-)

Holbergs said...

Six year old molars? I didn't know that either! Mia's never complained...Maybe she's not getting them yet.?????