Friday, May 6, 2011

Stephen Parrish

An old friend from Germany recently asked me if it would be ok for him to write an essay inspired by Leila. His name is Stephen Parrish. He used to be my boss and we were out of touch for about 9 years until I found him on Facebook. He's a published author (his novel, Tavernier Stones, is really good) and a blogger. Of course I agreed. As you'll read in his essay, his daughter was also born very premature. He's followed our story since I was pregnant with the twins and obviously felt a connection. I love his essay and his message. It's beautiful. Please take a read.

Stephen Parrish - Leila Marie

After Steve posted this essay he notified me that, inspired by my story, a prolific author decided to write a book about her life experiences (including a miscarriage). Another friend told me that her cousin lost her full-term son a few days after he was born. Her family wasn't incredibly supportive and told her she could "have more kids." She finally got the nerve to share pictures of her son and the blog "really made her very, very happy--it put into words what she had been feeling." It's amazing how many people Leila has touched. She's one amazing little angel. I'm so thankful for her...and to Steve and anyone who keeps Leila alive in their thoughts and words.

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