Thursday, May 5, 2011

Solana's 6th Birthday!

Solana turned 6 last Wednesday. We had a lovely three-part celebration. First, she had her number 6 pancake. This is a new tradition I started last year after seeing another friend do it.

Then Dave took her to the movies after school and she got to choose dinner. To be perfectly honest, I was kind of hoping she'd choose McDonald's. We don't go there anymore and she often asks for it. She chose Brio. I think it's a chain - an Italian Grill. Something like that. It's really good. We didn't want to go to Brio for three reasons:
1. We JUST ate there on Sunday.
2. Dave and I had fancy dinner plans for Thursday. We don't normally eat out three times in a week and I, for one, wasn't anxious to know what this would do to my weekly pre-Mexico weigh-in.
3. It's not super expensive but it's not cheap. Definitely not the kind of meal we eat twice a week.
Dave tried to talk her out of it when they went to the movies. There's a sandwich shop at the Greene called Potbelly's that makes PB&J's (Solana's all-time favorite food) and he tried to entice her with that. But she was determined. I reminded Dave before they left to let her have the final say and he wasn't able to sway her (I think I could have). So Chloe and I met them at Brio. We sat down to order and what did she ask for? PB&J. Grrrrr. Of course, I wouldn't let her have pizza because she'd just had it Sunday (and would have it at Kim's house the next day) so her choices were limited. She ended up with spaghetti (which is what we had at home the night before). I was less than pleased but it was her birthday so I wasn't going to argue. The girl can survive one week of pasta/pizza overload, I suppose. Toward the end of dinner she declared that we'd definitely need to go to the sandwich shop next time we're out. Dave and I looked at eachother with heavy lids. Sometimes your kid knows how to drive you crazy - even on their birthday. Anyway, she got a dessert and was happy. Little squirt.

Chloe also enjoyed our dinner out. She only threw her glasses on the floor 3 or 4 times...

The big celebration was Saturday. Solana had her birthday party at the Princess Tea Room. This was a big deal! Solana was very excited. First, we waited in the foyer for all the girls to arrive. They peeked out the door and screeched with excitement every time a car pulled up. It was soooo cute!

Then the went upstairs and each sat at their own vanity.

Upstairs, they took turns picking out their princess gowns and getting a dab of eye shadow and lip gloss. It was a long wait for some of the girls but they put on their best princess manners and waited patiently. I took a picture of each girl as they came out of the dressing room and after just one or two girls they started automatically coming up to me to pose for their pictures. Soooo cute! Here is Solana admiring her makeup.

Chloe joined in on the fun. She was even dressed for the party!

Afer they were all dolled up the red carpet came out and the disco ball lit up. They chose names like "Purple," "Cupcake," "Princess," and "Emerald." The hostess announced each one and they walked the red carpet striking a pose at the end of the carpet. The first few girls struck some amazing poses while the last few pretty much just ran to their seats. We cheered, "oooh-ed," and "aaaahh-ed" each one.

Then they filed downstairs for their craft. They each decorated a little purse with stickers and their name was drawn on by the hostesses.

Finally, tea time! This place is decorated so pretty. I loved it. They had cheese, crackers, cucumber, and fruit, I believe. The hostesses went around serving them. "Rectangle or circle cracker?" "Circle, please." They poured water or lemonade into their china tea cups. As they ate they were read "Goldalicious."

The adults and Chloe hung out in the foyer during tea time.

Then Happy Birthday and cupcakes. Yum!

Finally, back upstairs for gifts.

Chloe got to crawl around upstairs. She loved it!

They played freeze dance while they went one by one into the dressing room to change back. I can't even tell you how cute these girls were doing their best ballerina/princess moves. The cool thing about this age is that they were ALL dancing and loving it. No self-consciousness what-so-ever. I loved it! They had a blast!

Good birthday!

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carol anne said...

Great pancake idea! You know I love to put food coloring in them... I'll have to try this next.

Nothing better than a girl that knows what she wants! Haha ~
What I do now, I give mine choice #1 or choice #2 so I can live with THEIR choice. I do it with getting dressed in the morning or whatever --

Thank you so much for posting all the great pictures!!! Her party looks like it was so fun! Wish we could have been there ~