Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Thank You

Solana has pretty good manners for a 6 year-old. (Goodness! I can't believe I have a 6 year-old!) She usually says "please" and "thank you." "May I please" or "Will you please." We're still working on knowing when to speak (ie. not interrupting) but sometimes I feel bad for her because she'd have to wait for a really long time to speak if she waited for a pause. :-)

The funny one that recently earned a spot amongst her most commonly used phrases is "No thank you." This phrase has brought her unanticipated power and she's starting to use it quite frequently.

"Solana, go get your black shoes for that outfit. They'll match perfectly." "No thank you. I think I'll wear my pink ones." "Yes, those also match. That's fine."

"Here Solana. Have some of these carrots." "No thank you. I'll just have an apple, instead." "Well, an apple is also healthy. I guess that's ok."

"Will you please watch Chloe while I go get dressed?" "No thank you. I'm too busy playing." (I guess I did form it as a question...) "Alright."

So far she's succesfully tightroped between personal choice and disobedience. You gotta give her credit. It's a fine line she walks and I'm impressed that she's navigated it so well. Clever one she is :-) I'm curious to know what will compel me to limit this power and exactly how I'll do it. I do admire her but she can't "no thank you" her way out of everything, you know.


Holbergs said...

I love this entry! I can't wait for her to "no thank you" her way out of cleaning her room or doing homework when she's older. Be sure to let us know the first time it doesn't work! :o)

Megan B ♥ said...

I remember when I told Kinley that she wasn't allowed to tell me "no". She had no problem with that. She just started using "nuh-uh" and "nope." Creative in their manipulation, aren't they?