Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chloe vs. Cola

Ok. I've been putting off this entry for a long time because I thought it might be crude to some people but it's too funny of a story for me to not document.

Chloe recently learned our word for girl private parts. This is the word that all the Hispanic people I know in Texas use. I have no idea if all Spanish-speaking cultures use this word of if it's just Texans. It's "cola." Cola is also the Spanish word for "tail" and is pronounced using Spanish pronunciation. It rhymes with "ROLL-Ah."

We used it around our house a lot during potty training: "First wipe your cola. Then your bottom." "Mommy, my cola hurts. I think I have a diaper rash." We used it during the the talk about sexual abuse: "Remember, there are certain parts of your body that nobody is ever allowed to touch. Like your cola and your butt." We use it during diaper changes: "Chloe, move your hands. Don't touch your cola while I'm trying to change your diaper." It was during this last instance that Chloe learned this most interesting word. I didn't mean to teach it to her but I shouldn't be surprised because this is where I tend to teach her names for her body parts. (Plus, quizzing her on body parts is a great distraction during diaper changes so that she's not flopping around like a fish. "Chloe, touch your nose. Good. Touch your elbow. Yes! That's right. Now touch your chin." She loves it and it works like a charm!) Anyway, all the sudden she would happily and proudly point and announce, "COLA!" with a big smile on her face, every time I removed her diaper. Of course I'd giggle so she continued.

When Chloe first started saying her name she pronounced it "Kholey." It was cute. But some time after she learned her new word her name changed from "Kholey" to "Cola." It was like someone flipped a switch and she was literally unable to say her name any other way.

"Chloe, say 'Chlo-e' ."

"No. Say Chloooowww-eeeey."

"Say Chlo"

"Say EEE"

"Say Chloe"


When walking into a room to find Chloe I often sing this song. It's to the same tune that we use for "Where is Thumpkin."
Where is Chloe? Where is Chloe?
There she is! There she is!
I-I see-ee Chloe. I-I see-ee Chloe.
Yes I do. Yes I do.
Chloe loved to sing that song, too, but her version sounded a little different.
Where id Cola? Where id Cola?
Yeah do do! Yeah do do!
I-I dee-dee Cola. I-I dee-dee Cola.
Yeah do do. Yeah do do.
It is possible to be exasperated and giggling at the same time.

This went on for a good month and a half. I complained/laughed about it with my sister and she said, "Well, at least there aren't many Hispanic people in Ohio." Ha! I think she's just about back to "Kholey." I must admit that I'm relieved. But I definitely don't want to forget her little stint as Cola. It's just too hilarious.


Only the Sheppards said...

That's hilarious!!!

Megan B ♥ said...

Oh my goodness, TOO FUNNY!! Crew has discovered the uproarious giggles he can get from his siblings by calling everything and everyone "butt". He doesn't even know what he is saying because I taught him "bum-bum" for his hind quarters. But he knows that Kinley and Tanner fall to the floor laughing when he points at one of them and yells "BUTT!"