Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Potty Training? Are we Ready?

For the past few weeks I've been sitting a naked Chloe on Solana's old Dora potty before her bath. No expectations or hopes. I just wanted her to get used to sitting on a chair with a hole in it. Actually, we had to work on the whole sitting thing because she likes to sit in chairs by first stepping into them and then turning around and sitting. That doesn't work so well on the potty. (Her VS says it's a vision thing.) Eventually, she got it. Watching her turn around and sit down was pretty cool! After the excitement of sitting wore off we started to sing a potty song to keep her on there longer.

To the tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb:
Chloe is a potty girl. Potty girl. Potty girl.
Chloe is a potty girl. She goes potty, too! Wooo!

She pats her hands on her legs during the song and then throws her hands up in the air for the "Woo!" She loves it and it makes sitting on the potty fun. I had no plan for how long we'd do this. In fact, I couldn't find the little pot that goes inside her Dora Potty so she was sitting on a potty with no pot! If she ever did pee it would go straight through to the floor. But I wasn't really worried. Surely we'd find the pot before anything happened.

Today Dave and I were having lunch and Chloe, having already eaten, was running around the room playing and coming over every once in a while for a bite of my sandwich. All the sudden, she came over to Dave, said "poopoo", put her hands down onto the step of her high chair (at hip level), and made the face. We all know the face (face turns slightly red, eyes get glossy, lips tense) and what it means. "Did she just tell you 'poopoo' before doing that?" I was shocked and thought, "maybe we need to start thinking about potty training. Oh well. Missed opportunity. Maybe another time." When she came over to me I was surprised to discover an empty diaper. She acted like she was about to try again and I asked her if she wanted to go poopoo on the potty. She raced over to the bathroom with me. I took down her pants, removed her diaper, and she sat. About 10 seconds later she stood up and I saw a little present sitting on the floor under her potty!!! Are you kidding me? Her FIRST success in the potty was #2?

Dave immediately ran to Target (I think he just didn't want me to drag him into the bathroom to look) and came home with a new potty. As he assembled the potty Chloe was already trying to sit on it. I left with Monty for a jog. An hour or so later I returned and Dave told me to go check out where he put her potty in the bathroom. I looked and saw a little puddle of pee in it. No. Way. "Did she do that?" Dave: "Well, I didn't!"

I'm not sure how to proceed with this. I guess we'll start to put her on the potty more often during the day. She kept me prisoner for about 10 minutes tonight, insisting that I sit on my potty while she sat on hers. But nothing happened. I don't think I'm ready to actually start potty training her but I don't want to miss a good opportunity. I guess we'll just sit her on it more often and see what happens.... Or maybe I'll just put it off until I get through this JUMBO box of size 3 diapers I just opened. Pull ups would probably make this easier...


The Hillbergs said...

oh wow!!! that is INSANELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Obviously the disability rating office knew she was advanced and that is why they discontinued her in the program.

don't miss this opportunity! I say go full board potty training and while you are away from home use pull ups. too bad about that whole box of size 3 diapers...but if she potty trains now, think of the money you'll save in future diapers :)

so awesome! i'm totally jealous about the poopoo thing - we are STILL working with our 3 year old!

Anna said...

She has no disability in her determination level. This is something in her world that SHE can control. Just watch, Mommy. She is starting her, 'I can do it myself' phase. God bless her.

Emily and Troy Williams said...

As proud as I am of Chloe, the best part of the whole post was Dave's "Well I didn't!"

Megan B ♥ said...

Wow, might it be now??? WOW!!!! To be continued then!