Friday, December 16, 2011

Frosty The Snowman

Solana and I went on a date to see Frosty at the local Towne Hall Theatre. This is our third trip to the theater and we really like it. Our date started with dinner at Panera Bread. We both had tomato soup and a sandwich. Solana was so excited. If it's possible to walk with your pinky toes up she was doing it. I suggested she pick a table. She picked one close to the fire so we could be warm. She was acting proper but it seemed shy. Her demure smile, tucked chin, and quiet politeness made me feel like I was dining with someone else's child. I'm not used to leading the conversation with Solana. It usually flows (from her) so effortlessly. But it was adorable.

After dinner we walked to the theater for an interesting rendition of Frosty. These productions have primarily kid casts and are usually fairly cheesy. The little ones go crazy over them, though, so we parents endure and enjoy our kid's happiness more than anything. This one was actually pretty good, though. I found myself chuckling on more than a few occasions. After the show we went downstairs for the required autograph session.
She made sure to get autographs from every single cast member. One of them even autographed her program twice! We almost closed the place but I finally coerced her out of there.

On the way back upstairs she ran into the theater and wanted a picture in front of the stage. Just a couple of crew members were in there breaking down. I clicked the picture and immediately heard "poof" and the stage lights went off. Whew! Good timing.

We headed out and Solana skipped to the van. Right as we got there she ran up a ramp (away from the van) and then leapt off the ramp and into my arms - giggling the whole time. It was one of those moments that could have been choreographed for a movie. I was pretty happy.

Solana said, "Mommy, do you wish you were a kid right now?"
"Nope. I'm actually really enjoying being a Mommy right now."

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A Goldsworthy Note said...

Oh, Cynthia, that sounds like such an awesome day. I can imagine how incredibly happy you were. I'm all smiles for you right now.