Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I make our calendar every year on Snapfish. Every month is full of pictures from that month the year before. It's a bit of an undertaking because I have to basically go through a year's worth of pictures, pick out the best ones, and then load them onto Snapfish. But it's sooo worth it. We love looking back and seeing how the girls have changed or remembering all the cool stuff we did every time we flip the month.

When going through our pictures for our 2012 calendar I realized that I never did a hiking entry for this year. We LOVE hiking! Well, at least I do. And the others either like it or pretend really well to make me happy.

This particular park is called Sugar Creek Metro park and is a 4 minute drive from our house. I also love bringing the dogs out here to jog but it's easier to just go around the neighborhood so I don't make it out here too often.

The first time we came out this year was mid-August. It's so beautiful in Ohio in the Summer. Everything is green green green! I told Dave that the jogging stroller wouldn't work on the trails so we packed Chloe in the hiking backpack. I began to whistle and look around when we passed a family pushing a mall-walking stroller down the trail. Oops.

Dave is threatening to climb the tree with Chloe on his back.
Solana proudly exclaims, "I did it all by myself! I really did Mommy! Daddy hardly touched me at all!" Sometimes I wonder if she really believes the stuff she tells me or if she just thinks I'm stupid. ;-)

The next trip was early November. It was a little cooler.

Chloe climbed this rock all by herself. She was proud. I'll write about her climbing feats in another entry. This rock currently pales in comparison...
We packed a little snack of fresh-from-the-oven warm and buttered Provencal Fisherman's Bread (herbes de Provence, saffron water, garlic, and fennel bulb) and apple slices. And this was shortly after Halloween so we had some chocolate for dessert. Yum.

Our little model. She composed and requested many pictures of herself during this hike.

It's gotten cold and nasty out. I don't think we'll make it to Sugarcreek again until Spring. I'll just have to look longingly at these in the meantime.


Megan B ♥ said...

Looks heavenly!

A Goldsworthy Note said...

I need to get better with pictures. I've started calendars for the past 4 years, but have never ordered one. Someday.

I'm betting Solana really things she's doing those things on her own. Some day when she sees the picture she's going to laugh when she sees how much Dave was helping her.

Can't wait to go on some of these hikes when I visit!