Monday, December 5, 2011

Disability Cessation

We received a Notice Of Disability Cessation. Apparently, the Social Security Administration no longer considers Chloe to be disabled. We're not surprised after the way she showed off for their Speech Therapist.

Sure she is and will always be vision impaired. She still can't/won't eat most solid fruits or vegetables. She still can't jump or do many things a typical kid her age can do. But we're proud of her for all the things she can do. She's amazing and we celebrate everything around here.

No longer "disabled?" I guess we can kiss that $30 a month goodbye. Yippee!


The Hillbergs said...

Wow! How awesome - to have come this far! Its a true accomplishment for Chloe AND her mama and daddy and sister. You should celebrate with some ice cream!

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