Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Music Enrichment Concert

Solana's special music class had their holiday concert last night. I was surprised at how small the group was but it was also nice that it was such an intimate setting. I could actually single out Solana's voice during some parts. They sang about 7 songs - almost none of them were familiar to me. But Ms. Johnson said that's the idea of the special enrichment group - to give them the opportunity to try new and different things that they don't get to do during their regular music class.

They did great. First graders are soooo cute! They were really into it. Bopping to the music. Concentrating really hard. Smiling enthusiastically at the end of every piece. And every time the teacher introduced one of the funny songs (Reindeer Shouldn't Waltz, Don't Eat A Poinsettia, etc.) They would giggle and and look at each other knowingly and with excitement.

I'm very proud of Solana for being selected into this group. There are 11 first grade classes and only 15 children participated in the concert. There may have been some children absent but I can't imagine many missed it. This concert was a big deal to them.
We were all dressed up and that doesn't happen too often...

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Megan B ♥ said...

What a wonderful activity! Good job, Solana!!